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Frequently Asked Qustions

Does TradeZella trade for me?

No. TradeZella is NOT a brokerage. You would execute trades on your broker and then transfer the data into TradeZella to track and analyze your trading performance.

How will TradeZella help me as a trader?

Zella is built by traders, for traders. We've designed and built every feature surrounding the question, "will this help a trader improve their process?" If the answer is no, it's not a necessary feature. There are no bells and whistles. Its clean and straight forward.

How secure is TradeZella?

Data is important to us. And thats why we want to make it known that you own your data. TradeZella does not sell or advertise your data, and we are 100% secure.

How long does it take to gain access to TradeZella?

If we support your broker, you can gain access right away! You can click here to view our full integrations page.