Alex S.: Ever thought about proprietary trading?

Find out about Alex's trading journey and what you should implement to improve your trading strategy.

May 4, 2023
2 minutes
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Meet Alex S!

We had the pleasure this week of interviewing one of our members, Alex S. to learn more about his journey and how he was ultimately able to find consistency in his trading.

Alex S.

Alex has been at the game for 2 and half years and now he’s a fully funded, profitable prop firm trader with Apex Trading. 🤩

He learned from following traders like Carmine Rosato, Dylan O’Neill, Steve Burns, and Umar Ashraf to name a few.

How it started

In the beginning, Alex was dedicated to learning how to trade.

After watching tons of trading content and frequenting YouTube channels like Carmine Rosato’s Investitrade, he began to establish his edge and foundation in trading. 🛠️

As most of us can relate, his trading journey wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. 🥶

At one point, Alex was down $10k in losses from making mistakes in his trading. 📉

The average person learning a difficult skill would see a $10k loss and throw in the towel. But instead, Alex used the loss to his advantage. 😌

Diving into his mistakes, he found out that his major errors stemmed from forcing unplanned trades, taking the market personally, and not respecting his stop-loss. 🚨

All of us have had these mistakes at some point in our journeys and many of us are still coping with them!

Referring to his $10k loss, he mentioned that while it wasn’t the best path to learning how to trade, he believes it taught him important lessons in risk management and navigating the emotions of trading. 🧠💪

Once he dove deeper into price action and understanding his mistakes through journaling, he began to turn it around and gain consistency.

September Profit Calendar

How it’s going

Since October of this year, Alex has gone through the evaluation process and has officially earned his role as a funded prop trader for Apex Trading. 🏆

He now trades futures contracts, such as the MES (Micro S&P futures) and ES futures.

He likes futures because..

“[I have a] clearly defined risk on entry and [don’t have to] worry about theta decay”.

Alex uses TradeZella to track his stats and gain confidence in his trading. 🤩

Alex’s favorite feature within TradeZella is the emphasis on R-multiple calculation. 🔣

He says, “I like that it calculates R-multiple and accurately tracks everything."

"Having an intuitive journal that dissects one’s trading/psychology is an incredible tool."

(Woooww, making us blush over here!) 🙊

Alex wrapped up the interview by detailing his goals for the future. 🥅

For the month of December, he wants to achieve a better consistency of self. ✅

He defines this as showing up on time, journaling, and spending time away from the desk doing other hobbies. ✅

He also is excited to reach his profit goal this month and receive his payment from Apex. ✅

Thinking long-term, Alex wants to create a consistent stream of income through his new prop firm role. ✅

As he continues to meet their benchmarks, he’ll be able to generate more money towards his bottom line, by using their capital.

Smart, Alex!

As far as intrinsic goals, he wants to inspire others to be better versions of themselves and hold themselves accountable for their shortcomings. ✅

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