Every Feature You Need to Trade Better

No more navigating multiple spreadsheets, platforms, or papers. Everything you need to become a powerful trader is here.

How TradeZella Helps You

Improve Your Risk Management

Use the R-Multiple stat to stop losing money from poor risk management.

Stop Trading With Hesitation

Become a confident trader through the power of journaling. No more hesitation.

Recover After A Trading Loss

Losses are normal. Use TradeZella to help you recover and come back stronger.

Discover Your Best & Worst Trading Days

Focus on improving what causes you to lose money on your bad days.

Understand Your Best Trade Setup

Use your best trade setup consistently to build a profitable trading system.

Scale Up Your Trading Fast

Powerful journal to help you focus on what works and target what needs to be improved.

Everything In One Location

Focus on what matters through powerful journaling

Stay on top of your trading performance with your journal. Store your data, stay on top of goals, track important KPI’s, and more

Analytics dashboard

Advanced filtering

Calendar view

Profitability charts

Notes & comments

Winning percentage

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Track the metrics that matter

TradeZellas advanced trade tracking is built to help you stay on top of the metrics that matter.

Real-time analysis

Track entries & exits

Understand risk management

Running P/L

Identify setups and mistakes

Trade rating and scale

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Reporting for your trading style

Your reports hold all the answers to help you discover your strengths and weaknesses. Different reports for all kinds of traders.

Best or worst trading days

Discover your strengths and weaknesses

Identify top set-ups

Track your bad habits

View your trade expectancy

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Build your trading plans

Your notebook is yours to customize and to keep everything in one place

Create custom templates

Build trading plans

Recap losses

Sync with trading stats

Save and share with others

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Replay your trades

Find the flaws in your execution, understand how you could have done better for next time, identify your setup, and more by replaying your trades seamlessly within TradeZella.

Replay tick by tick

Recap trading strategies

Time and sales

Level 2

Execution plotted on your chart

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Learning resources

Zella University is your hub to constantly learn and improve. With bootcamps, resources, and more included in your account.

Learning Bootcamps

Trader Development Webinars

Learn to recover from trading losses

Actionable lessons to apply to your trading

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Explore all the ways TradeZella helps you.

Powerful Journaling

Discover how journaling can help you learn from your mistakes to build consistency.

Advanced Analytics

Identify what's actually working for you based on real data. No more guessing games.

Drilled Down Reports

Find the answers to all of your questions. Best setup, worst trading day, most profitable timeframe, and more.

Trade Replay

Replaying your trades to find the flaws in your execution and fine tune your strategy.

Frequently Asked Qustions

Does TradeZella trade for me?

No. TradeZella is NOT a brokerage. You would execute trades on your broker and then transfer the data into TradeZella to track and analyze your trading performance.

How will TradeZella help me as a trader?

Zella is built by traders, for traders. We've designed and built every feature surrounding the question, "will this help a trader improve their process?" If the answer is no, it's not a necessary feature. There are no bells and whistles. Its clean and straight forward.

How secure is TradeZella?

Data is important to us. And thats why we want to make it known that you own your data. TradeZella does not sell or advertise your data, and we are 100% secure.

How long does it take to gain access to TradeZella?

If we support your broker, you can gain access right away! You can click here to view our full integrations page.