Andre: No excuses. I made time to learn how to trade.

Learn how Andre made time to learn how to trade and be inspired to develop a trading routine.

June 22, 2023
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This week we took a slightly different direction in our interviews and spoke with a relatively new trader.

You newer traders will relate to this.

And you seasoned traders will appreciate this.

Meet Andre 👋

He's an options trader who's been documenting his journey to consistency since October of last year.

If you've peeked at his February recap on Twitter, (@Conway_Capital) you'd be impressed.

It's thorough, in-depth, and exactly what a monthly recap should look like.

Even though Andre's been involved with the markets since July of 2020, he's been buckling down on his trading for the last 5 months now. 💪

5 months may seem short to some of the more seasoned traders, but get a load of this...

Andre's a member of the Air Force and took the leap to get into trading when he was assigned to working night shifts. 🌑

"I started working the night shift in October which gave me the perfect opportunity to start trading on my own every morning after my shift."

Talk about dedication.

It's this kind of determination mindset that leads traders down a path of success.

There's always a reason you can come up with to not try something.


"Too tired"

"Too busy"

"Don't want to risk losing money"

The list goes on and on.

For Andre, not starting and not trying are not an option.

Why TradeZella

Seeing as he's a newer trader, we asked Andre what made him choose TradeZella as his journal. He said...

"I chose TradeZella mostly because of its combined educational content as well as how easy it is to navigate. It is very user friendly and so much more efficient than using an excel sheet. The educational content is very informative especially for new traders."

We're glad you got value out of Zella University, Andre! 📝

As far as getting into details about his journaling, he mentioned...

"TradeZella gives me the ability to quickly organize my trades by set ups, position size, amount lost or gained, mistake made, etc. So I’m quickly able to recognize what mistakes I keep making and what setups are working vs not working."

This is the exact reason why we journal. To find our strengths and weaknesses, address them, and continue the process to improve.

On his future goals

As for the future, Andre mentioned that his goal is to be consistently profitable. He's defined that as 3 green months with a win rate over 50%.

At the moment, he's zeroing in on:

Executing quality setups

Letting winners run

Cutting losses quickly

Trading only SPY with 2 contracts

We can all agree these are excellent components to focus on.

Can't wait to see the progress you make this year, Andre!

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