Have you tried forward testing your trading strategies?

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May 4, 2023
2 minutes
Weekly Trading Insights

Dear TradeZella,

How much do day traders make?

We all want to know. But more importantly, we want to know how what it takes to get there.

Find out here. 👀

Have you tried this?

Custom Tags

You may have heard of backtesting, but have you tried forward testing your strategies?

Forward test your edge by using custom tags to record how your trading plan played out.

Custom tags on Tags Management

Once you've categorized your trade's outcome you'll see more clearly what you need to work on. 🤯

Are you getting out too early? Does it make sense to ride out your winners longer? Custom tags have got your back.

User Highlight

Trading is a business.

This week, we had a quick chat with one of our users, Jason (@gottaluvjason on Twitter).


Jason has been trading for a little over a year and has learned a lot already being a relatively new trader.

Something interesting about Jason? How about the fact that he's only 15 years old. 🤯

With folks like Jason and @PBInvesting, we can see how possible it is for young people to start learning and getting good at trading by the time they're out of school.

Even though Jason is a newer trader, we can get a lot of value out of someone that is going through the learning process and just starting to establish consistency.

Jason's Trade Log

Jason shared some wisdom with us that he's learned along the way.

"Trading is like a business. Your profits are your profits. Your losses are expenses."

It sounds simple, but it's true! So many traders fail to treat their trading activities like a real business and end up gambling away their money instead.

Jason finished our quick discussion by telling us his favorite parts about TradeZella. He said:

"TradeZella solves a lot of my problems. It makes it easy to journal and has all my stats right in front of me. I especially like how it lets you see and add commissions."

As for the future, Jason hopes to scale his portfolio to the moon! 🌚


He says he'll take it nice and slow and stick to the plan. After all, that's what'll get him there.

His plan is to allow his profits from trading to set him up for the rest of the things he wants to do in life.

You go, Jason!

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