TradeZellas Trading Journal Software Updates - February 2023

Trading Playbook, New Dashboard, MT4/MT5 Support, and more!

March 10, 2023
5 minutes
TradeZella Updates

We had the most production for TradeZella this month and we’re excited to share what we rolled out!

Here are things we released in February:

  • Trading Playbook
  • Updated Dashboard
  • Zella Score
  • MT4/MT5 Support

Other improvements:

  • Minor Updates: Paper Trading
  • Resolved Bugs

Let’s break them all down and understand what they are.

🎉 NEW on TradeZella: Trading Playbook

If you love tagging and tracking your setups on TradeZella, you’ll definitely find much value in the Playbook feature!

It’s a new way for you to go even deeper into your setups!

This exciting new feature will allow you to:

💡 Create Playbooks

Input a Playbook Name and write a brief description of the Playbook.

Customize this with an icon or an image, and a color.

💡 Add Playbook Rules

Create your Trading Playbook Rules to fit your own trading style and strategy.

There’s no one way to create a playbook, so get creative and feel free to include anything that you believe will improve how you’ll execute your trades!

Here’s one example of some groups of rules you could create.

💡 View all your created Playbooks in one place

This shows the number of trades that followed a particular playbook and even trades that were “missed”! This also shows the Playbook’s Expectancy, Win Rate, and Profit Factor.

💡 Log “Missed Trades”

Essentially, “missed trades” are trades that you were not able to take, but that you found actually fit your playbook perfectly. 

You may log a missed trade by typing in its symbol and entering the hypothetical date and time of execution.

This will also allow you to enter the price, commission, and fees.

Our intention is not to create FOMO, but to help you log these trades in one place. 

This will allow you to analyze price actions, how the price formulates, and optimize your setup rules.

💡 See In-depth Playbook Stats

Click on a Playbook to see a more in-depth set of statistics, including an Overview, Playbook Rules, Executed Trades, Missed Trades, and Notes.

💡 Review Trade Stats

Select any trade from the Playbook and check how many rules were followed in the actual trade execution.

💡 Share Playbooks and view other’s Playbooks

We’re all about building a learning community within TradeZella, which is why we’re currently building a way for you to share your Playbook with other users, view other users’ Playbooks, and, ultimately, learn from each other!

💡 ICYMI: Build a Trading Playbook Webinar

Last February 23, we held a webinar to help you build a winning trading playbook! 

You can watch the recording here: Building a Profitable Trading Strategy | Step by Step

We also had a bootcamp exclusive to Zella users, going deeper into the Playbook feature, where Umar gives an extensive step-by-step guide and shares more of his Playbooks. 

You may find the recording in Zella University in your Zella account or through this link

🎉 Dashboard gets an update

New year, NEW Dashboard!

Your dashboard shows you an overview of your trading performance.

It gives you different metrics essential for your analysis- all in one glance!

However, we made your experience even better by adding more value to your dashboard by optimizing it and adding some new exciting features 👀

Let’s break down the updates:

  1. Trade Expectancy: In the original dashboard, this metric isn’t included, but we thought to add it in as it is a good way to show you the amount you’d expect to gain or lose on your next trade.
  2. Profit Factor: Previously, this only gives you the profit factor as a number, but we’ve added a scale to show you your Total Profit and Total Loss more visually. 
  3. Win %: This scale now includes your breakeven trades in blue. You can set your breakeven amount range in your account settings.
  4. Ave Win/Loss Trade: We’ve combined your Ave Win and Ave Loss in one scale.
  5. Daily Net Cumulative P&L & Net Daily P&L - In our previous dashboard, you can’t see these two simultaneously. In the update, we placed them side-by-side. 
  6. Recent Trades: We added a list of your most recent trades
  7. Calendar: The calendar now shows you a note icon to indicate if you have a journal entry for that specific day.
  8. NEW: Zella Score

🎉 Zella Score

What is the Zella Score, you ask?

It quickly gives you an idea of your trading performance through an automated score and a diagram.

It takes into consideration your Win Percentage, Profit Factor, and Average Win/Loss, letting you see where you can improve, or what your strengths are.

Right now, Zella Score is in BETA but in the coming months, we plan to further improve this and roll out a page dedicated to the Zella Score, which will allow you to go deeper into these metrics!

🎉 Updated Side Panel and Header

In addition to a new dashboard, our side panel and header also got a new look with better icons and minor changes in configuration.

While most of the positioning was kept constant, we transferred your profile and settings to the bottom corner and added a notification button at the top right corner, which will allow you to see, for example, if anyone has shared their playbook with you.

🎉 Forex/ CFD MT4/MT5 Full Support

Forex Traders, we’re excited to have you on board!

We know you’ve all been waiting for this and we’re thrilled to announce that TradeZella finally supports MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 via CSV import!

Here’s a full list of all supported brokers on TradeZella – and more coming soon!

Minor (but also exciting!) Updates

ThinkorSwim Paper Trades: Futures Support

Previously, we only support Futures for Live trading accounts, but now you can upload your Futures trades from your paper trading account from ThinkorSwim.

TradingView Paper Trades Support

We have added support for TradingView Paper Trade uploads!

You may now upload Stocks, Futures, Forex, and Crypto paper trades.

Let us know if you want to upload Options paper trades and we’ll add it in!

Simply select TradingView from the list of broker options and import the file as per instructions.

Resolved Bugs

  • R-Multiple Sorting: Ascending and descending sorting now works properly on the Trade Log page.
  • WeBull Missing Executions or showing wrong trade groups: WeBull categorizes partially-filled orders as “Cancelled”, which is why the trades were not showing up. You may now upload without errors.
  • MT4 file with CFDs failing to upload: We found that some symbols were displayed differently. Uploads will now be successful.
  • Calculation Update on Average Entry/Exit Stat: We updated the calculation to be Weighted and will now account for the trade size.

How it works now:

Entry #1: Buy 1 share @ $157.485

Entry #2: Buy 2 shares @ $157.5501

Average Entry Price:  (($157.485 x 1) + ($157.5501 x 2) / 3

= 157.5284

  • Rithmic R Trader incorrect trade quantity: We found that this was due to incorrect reading of partially-filled trades. This is now resolved and you may upload your trades without any issues.
  • Discrepancies in commissions and fees for ThinkorSwim: We have resolved this so now fees will be imported as expected for all executions.
  • ECN fees on DAStrader broker: We now include ECN fees for DAStrader. This should import seamlessly now.

That's all for now! 👋

We hope you're enjoying the platform as much as we enjoy giving you the best trade journaling experience!

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