FJTrades: "TradeZella hates me. Here's why..."

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April 28, 2023
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Meet FJTrades. Apparently, TradeZella hates him. 😈

(We'll explain ... 😅)

FJ had a phenomenal month of October focusing on developing his strategy and thinking in terms of risk to reward.

He shared the deets with us here. Let’s take a look.

Fj Trades Dashboard

We can see that he was able to identify areas of weakness and dig himself out of a hole.

Great job, FJ! Takes some serious reflection to be able to do that. 💡

But why does TradeZella hate him?

It all stems from Zella Insights, our AI tool to help traders discover what might be going wrong in their trading. 🛠️

This notification above shows that in this case, he isn’t maximizing his profits on the trade.

At one point he was up $1360, however closed at $690. Losing 97% of gains. 💸

This is something that you’ll see on your TradeZella account as well, if you were to make the same mistake.

The cool thing about Zella Insights is that it is consistently being developed to give you more AI understanding of what’s underneath the hood of the car.

Eventually, the goal with this tool is to help traders figure out deeper insights within their trading. It’ll pick up the pieces from something you may have missed when analyzing your analytics. 

So, prepare to see more Zella Insights popping up on your account in the future.

What does this mean to us?

Well, as FJ describes, he’d "basically be a billionaire" if he would just take profits. 😂

In all seriousness though, Zella Insights helps us pinpoint where we could do better and where we may be leaving money on the table.

“TradeZella is the tough love that you need”

Well said, FJ!

We couldn’t agree more. 🤝

To watch the full video, check out FJ's Youtube video here.

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