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JayTrades: Newer trader achieves success by doing this…

Learn how Jay achieved success and the factors he analysed to help you to become a successful trader.

June 15, 2023
1 minute

This week we had a brief chat with Jay Trades.

He's a price action trader and active TradeZella user ✅

What makes Jay unique?

He's been trading for just about a year and a half and has ALREADY found success with trading.

For those that are new, that's pretty freakin' quick.

While it's quite possible for many traders to find success that quickly, it takes a special kind of open-mindedness, mentality, and willingness to adapt.

Trading is a career that often is counter-intuitive to the way we learn as human beings. 💡

You have to embrace failure, rather than feel like you've "failed".

A green trade doesn't always equal a good trade. A red trade doesn't always equal a bad trade.

You show up to work and sometimes lose money.

It's all kind of the opposite, you see? 👀

Another common trading mistake made in the beginning stages is focusing on too many indicators, noise, and outside factors.

These outside factors can confuse the beginner trader and often pushes them to focus on the wrong sets of information.

On becoming profitable

Jay mentioned to us his reason of why he became profitable much faster than the average trader.

He says...

"It was due to the fact that I focused on studying price and volume over traditional indicators."

Studying raw price action is truly the foundation of trading. So why fluster yourself with tons of extra information?

On why he chose TradeZella

When we asked Jay why he chose to go with TradeZella as his trading journal, he said:

"I loved how easy TradeZella was to use. Almost anyone (especially those newer like me) can derive valuable data from their trading."
Jay's recent win on Feb 6, 2023

More specifically he brought up that journaling has helped him discover whether or not he's able to ride out his winning trades during certain circumstances. 📝

You're definitely using your journal properly, Jay! 🙌

On his goals

As far as goals for the future, Jay's aim is to make $100k in profits this year. He knows it's a pretty aggressive goal, but as the saying goes, shoot for the moon! 🚀

He also mentioned he wants to go full-time with trading once he finishes up with college. 🤙

We're rooting for you, Jay! Can't wait to see how this year plays out for you.

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