JDun: From $80K Months to $80K Days

Learn about JDun’s trading strategy and how he maximized his trading profits.

May 2, 2023
2 minutes
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Meet JDun!

Umar had the pleasure of interviewing JDun Trades and boy, was this a good one.

JDun trader -TradeZella

If you don't know J-Dun, he's one of the most consistent traders in the game at the moment.

He sparked an interest in the markets at 15 years old, jumped into trading years later, and after lots of trial and error, found success.

Here’s what we’ve gathered…

J-Dun has been able to boast back to back $80K months, an improved R-Multiple, and killer consistency. 🔥

It’s a common misconception to think someone doing that well would still be able to benefit from a trading journal... 🤔

Consider that myth debunked. ✅

While J-Dun keeps losses small for the amount of winners he has, he brought up one of his chief challenges with his trading.

Not holding winners long enough. 💸

September 2022 Profit Calendar

Let's look at his September 2022 performance (which was still super impressive).

After digging into his TradeZella stats, he found out that he was cutting trades too short and not letting winners run to their full potential.

With that in mind, he established his goals for the month of October and set out to improve. 🚀

October 2022 Profit Calandar

October 2022 was a phenomenal month for J-Dun, as you can see. 💰

All green, every day. 💚

He was able to ride out winners and capitalize on his strengths of getting great entries.

November 2022 Profit Calendar

Now looking at November, we can see how he was able to generate stronger consistency in time to size up in the future. 💪

He focused on improving his average winner vs average loser and with that, we can see that his profit factor jumped up massively. 📈

"Being able to visualize all of this information easily was crucial to understanding which improvements needed to be made."

J-Dun wrapped up the interview with a few insights for the future.

  1. Even though his P/L was lower, his risk to reward and profit factor were much better.
  2. Through showing up every single day, he was able to capitalize on the opportunities the market had shown, which even allowed him to secure a $20K day.
  3. He learned that the less trades he takes, the better.

For December, he wants to work on getting his average winning trade up. ✔️

Since this interview was done back in November, we thought we’d check in with J-Dun and see how things have been going since he spoke with us last.

Remember those $80K months J-Dun brought in? 

In March 2023, J-Dun was able to bring in an over $80k DAY. 

All of this comes down to having confidence in your setups, knowing when to be risk on and risk off, and taking the leap.

Want to find out more about how J-Dun found the path to consistency? Check out the full interview here.

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