June 2024 Release Notes

This month at TradeZella, we've been focused on refining your experience with a series of valuable updates and bug fixes, including improved tag management, storage transparency, and backtesting options. Stay tuned for exciting new features in the pipeline!

July 2, 2024
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TradeZella Updates

June was all about refining the TradeZella experience with a focus on improvements, bug fixes, and upcoming features we're excited to share!

Here’s what’s new:

Tags Management Revamp 🏷️

We've streamlined the Tags Management page in Settings with a fresh user experience. Previously, this page only allows you to manage your tags but not your custom categories. With this update, you can now add, edit, and delete custom categories for even better organization.

Backtesting Gets More Flexible ⏱️

We've added a 12-hour timeframe option to the backtesting charts, giving you more flexibility to analyze your strategies.

Storage Transparency 💾

We understand the importance of knowing your storage usage. We've added a "Used Storage" section to your Settings under the Subscriptions tab, so you can easily monitor your storage space.

Fixes & Improvements 🛠️

  • TopStepX File Import: We've updated the TopStepX import functionality to support files exported from the "Trades" tab. Say goodbye to import errors!
  • LightSpeed Uploads Fixed: We've added support for the new B/S file format, ensuring smooth file uploads.

What's Next 👀

The team is actively working on several exciting features we'll be rolling out soon:

  • Multi-Symbol Backtesting (Beta): Get ready to test your strategies across multiple symbols! This feature is currently in beta testing and will be available to select users soon.
  • Advanced P/L Calendar: We're revamping the Dashboard calendar with the ability to view weekly P/L totals, providing a clear picture of your performance.
  • Notebook Progress Indicator: Uploading images in the Notebook will be smoother with a new progress icon, letting you know when your image has uploaded successfully.
  • Charles Schwab Fix: We're resolving an issue affecting a small number of users experiencing duplicate or incorrect trades imported from Charles Schwab. Expect a fix coming real soon.
  • New Left-Side Panel (UX Update): Stay tuned for an upcoming update that will refresh the left-side panel for an improved user experience.

Shape the future of TradeZella! ⚡

Request features, up-vote your favorites, and stay informed with our changelog here!

'Til the next one!

Happy Trading,

The TradeZella Team

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