March Release Notes

April 8, 2023
3 minutes
TradeZella Updates

Here are the exciting things we released in March:

Major Updates

  1. Trade Log Redesign & Improvements
  2. Dashboard Revamp

Minor Updates

  1. Daily Journal Redesign
  2. Trade Replay Tab
  3. Trade Sharing
  4. More Updates

Broker Updates

  1. TC2000
  2. Future Option support for Interactive Brokers
  3. TradingView

Read on to find out more about these updates:

Major Updates

Trade Log Redesign & Improvements

New Look & New Stats

For this update, we redesigned the Trade Log page with a cleaner UI and widgets at the topmost.

We’ve also added more stats available for you to analyze and review your trades better, like Playbook, Swaps, Ticks, etc. Simply click on the (•••) button to select/deselect what you’d like to include on this page.

Open a trade in a new tab

Review a trade without having to go back and forth to the Trade Log page by right-clicking a trade to open it in a new tab.

This takes you straight to the Trade Tracking page.

Dashboard Revamp

Dashboard Updates

Last month, we released an all-new version of your Dashboard, and since then we’ve continuously updated it with more widgets like Trade Expectancy and Ratio of Avg Winning Trade/Avg Losing Trade.

Privacy View Settings

Aside from Dollar ($) and R-Multiple View, you now also have the option to switch to Privacy mode and hide your numbers using asterisks (*).

Quick view of Stats from the Calendar

Click on a day on your Calendar for a quick preview of that trading day–all the trades you’ve taken and the resulting stats.

Click on View Details to go deeper.

Notes Icon on Calendar

You may have noticed a note icon on your calendar. It indicates that you have a note saved for that day.

Adding a note is not exclusive for days when you take a trade! You may also add notes even for days you’re not trading. A note icon will also show up for those days.

Minor Updates

Daily Journal Updates

Configure Columns

You may select the columns you’d like to see in your Daily Journal.


Previously you’d have to manually click on the arrow to collapse or expand each day.

Now we’ve added the Collapse All and Expand All buttons to quickly do these for all days.

Trade Replay Tab

You might have noticed a new tab on your sidebar, the Trade Replay. This allows you to quickly select any trade and replay your executions without going into each trade tracking page.

Trade Sharing 

Share your trades with anyone–even if they’re not on TradeZella!

Select what you want to share and it will generate a link for you to post or send to anyone, or you may also opt to share it directly to Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail. 

If they’re on TradeZella, they will also be able to replay the trade.

To stop sharing, simply click on "Stop Sharing" and the link will be nulled.

More Updates

Adding Manual Trades: Made easier by allowing you to add several executions from one window.

Filter by Selected Accounts: Previously, you can only either select one (1) account or select all accounts. With this update, you may opt to combine the accounts of your choosing. 

Merging/Splitting Trades: You may now merge or split trades with different expiration, strike prices, or contract types.

Filter by Playbook: Playbook is now added as one of the global filters. 

More decimal places for Profit Target and Stop Loss: Previously, it only allows up to 2 decimal places. Now, you may input up to 4 decimal places for better computation accuracy.

Swap Stat for Forex Trades: This stat is added to the Trade Log page, Trade Tracking Page, and Reports Overview.

Canceled or Paused Subscription: Should you decide to cancel or pause your subscription with us… We’ll be sad but because we still like you, we’re still letting you view your data. 😉

Broker Updates

TC2000 Support

We now support TC2000 for Stocks and Options via CSV file upload!

Future Options support for Interactive Broker

You can now import your future option trades into TradeZella from Interactive broker via CSV file upload!

TradingView Support

We now support TradignView for Stocks via CSV file upload!

That's all for now. We hope you're enjoying the new updates and the platform in general!

Keep journaling & stay tuned for more exciting releases 👀

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