NEW in TradeZella: March 2024

Get ready to celebrate because TradeZella just got a whole lot better!

April 2, 2024
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TradeZella Updates

Get ready to celebrate because TradeZella just got a whole lot better!

We've been working hard behind the scenes (think late nights fueled by coffee and coding) to bring you some epic new features that will take your trading to the next level.

Buckle up, because here's what's hot off the presses:

3 New Brokers in the Building

Remember the recent MT4/MT5 restrictions? We feel you. But fret no more! We've just added support for three major trading platforms via direct broker sync, thanks to all those amazing user requests we received:

TradeZella Broker Sync Integration with cTrader, DXtrade, and TradeLocker
TradeZella Broker Sync Integration with cTrader, DXtrade, and TradeLocker


You have 2 options for importing your trades from cTrader to TradeZella. Either upload your trades via file upload OR do a one time sync and get your trades added into TradeZella automatically!


We’re the very first trading journal in the market to add support for DXtrade—with automatic broker sync at that! Sync your account and automatically import your trades from DXtrade in just a few clicks.


TradeLocker users on TradeZella are staying ahead of the curve! No other trading journal platforms have direct broker sync capabilities with TradeLocker like TradeZella does. Just sync your account and get ready to gain valuable insights on how you can improve your trading!

Heads up! These integrations are currently in beta, which means we're still putting on the finishing touches. We'd love your feedback to make sure everything runs smoothly. If you have any trouble linking your account, just shoot our support team an email at with your broker info, and we'll get you set up in no time.

Don't see your preferred broker on our broker list? No worries! Let us know who you'd like to see next, and we'll get cracking on adding support.

Backtesting Bug Fix: Risk/Reward Calculations

Accurate and automatic risk/reward and position size calculator on TradeZella's backtesting tool
Accurate and automatic risk/reward and position size calculator

We've also squashed a pesky bug in the Backtesting feature. You know, the one that messed with your risk/reward and position size calculations? Yeah, that's gone! Now you can rest assured that the numbers you see are accurate and reflect your defined parameters. Go forth and backtest with confidence!

Join the Community on Discord—Straight from TradeZella

How to join the Discord Community on TradeZella

The TradeZella community just got even stronger! Now you can join our vibrant Discord server directly within your TradeZella account. It's the perfect place to connect with other traders, share strategies, and level up your skills together.

More Features to Fine-Tune Your Experience

Reviewed vs. Unreviewed Filter

Ever forget which trades you've reviewed in your journaling routine? No problem! We've added a new filter to the Global Filter dropdown that lets you see reviewed and unreviewed trades at a glance. This makes it easier to stay on top of your journaling goals.

Mentor Mode: View Only Access

Sharing your trading journey with a mentor is a great way to grow. Now, you can grant your mentor view-only access to your TradeZella account. This allows them to see your trades and provide feedback without having full editing permissions.

That's it for this update, but trust us, there's more to come!

We're constantly working on ways to make TradeZella the ultimate trading companion. Let us know what you think of these new features, and keep crushing it in the markets!

Happy trading,

TradeZella Team

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