Introducing Trade Replay - A New Day Trading Tracker Tool

Go back in time to old trades to review your trading setups, discover the flaws in your execution, and more to improve your performance.

October 20, 2022
1 minute
TradeZella Updates

🪄 Replay your trades

TradeZella just got a whole lot better.

timeWe’re officially launching the massive Trade Replay feature to seamlessly go back in times to review setups, identify flaws in your execution, and more.

Let's talk about why we built it, how it helps you, and how easy it is to use in your TradeZella account.

🔄 How it works

Tired of manually screen-recording your trades?

Analyse your trades with TradeZella’s new Trade Replay feature. Go back in time to replay a trade in your journal to gain a deeper insight into your trading performance.

Important things you’re able to see in your replays:

✅ Time & Sales

✅ Tick by tick

✅ Level 2

✅ Price Action

✅ Trade setup and mistakes

Everything you need is there. With one simple click, you can relive and analyze your trade.

See it in action

It's all in one simple click. Watch the video below to see the Trade Replay feature in action.

Discover how it works and how it's helping thousands of traders journal in TradeZella.

Find out more

Check out our article, 'Trade Replays - Maximize Your Trading Performance', to find out how to make use of this awesome tool. We take a deep dive into trade replays and give you plenty of tips on how to leverage it to level up your trading.

Ready to trade better?

Join the thousands of traders who've already signed up to TradeZella to take your trading game to the pro league. What are you waiting for?

Sign up today!

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