PBInvesting: "I'm 15 years old and took a 1k account to 15k."

PB’s 15 years old and took a $1k account to over $15,000. Learn how he did it and get inspired.

June 8, 2023
2 minutes
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If you're in the Twitter trading circles, there's no doubt that you've seen the progress behind PBInvesting.

He started learning how to trade around age 12 during the pandemic and since has taken a $1k account to over $15,000. 😎

Let's check in with him and hear his story!👀

TZ: How did you get started?


I always had that mindset like “how can I find ways to make money."

Once quarantine started, that mindset really kicked into gear because I had all this free time.

[Actually,] I first found dropshipping. Did it for about a month, didn’t like it, and stopped.

Then I got introduced more into trading with social media and came across someone making a lot of money trading stocks.

So I started looking up how to make money trading stocks on YouTube, including some of Umar’s videos.

TZ: How did trading go in the beginning?

PB: So I started with OTC trades, made a few thousand in the beginning, but of course ended up blowing some accounts.

OTC markets and penny stocks are hot in phases but options can be traded all year round.

Most people lose a lot on options when they start. You can’t just buy them, you have to have reasoning and they expire.

TZ: How long did it take for you to find consistency and what made things click?

PB: About a year and half to find out what worked what didn’t. I cut out all the noise and just focused on myself.

Instead of just blindly following traders on Twitter, I actually found conviction in my own trades.

Risk management. Understanding reasoning behind entering a trade.

Having a plan and entering with conviction- your own conviction, not someone else’s.

TZ: What kept you going? Ever feel like quitting?

PB: My whole life I've known that if I put my mind to something, I never really give up. I just keep working.

I thought,

"I’m young, so I can take these risks."

If I can really develop these skills now, stick to the process, and never stop grinding, I’ll see progress."

There were nights I stayed up journaling. Trying to figure out what I did best at, look at my stats, etc.

Then TradeZella came out. It does that all for you, so it helps a lot.


Great chat, PB! We have no doubt that 2023 is your year!

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