What's NEW: February 2024

Dive into this month's updates and improvements to make your TradeZella experience 10x better!

March 4, 2024
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TradeZella Updates

We've packed this update with powerful features designed to make your TradeZella experience 10x more personalized, efficient, and insightful. Let's dive in!

Create Custom Categories for Tags

Felt limited by preset tag categories? Now you can create your own categories for tags, such as habits, emotions, economic calendar, and timeframes, to organize your trades exactly how you like.

In addition to this, you can:

Drill Down using the Global Filter

Powerful filtering now extends to your custom categories. Easily analyze specific trades with your created categories with ease.

Review Reports for Custom Categories

For every custom category you make, a report tab is automatically generated, making it easy to identify patterns and analyze your performance.

Hide the Numbers on your Daily Journal

Previously, Privacy View was only available in the Dashboard. Now, you can hide stats like P/L and commissions for a distraction-free review on your Daily Journal.

Simply click on the Privacy option on the dropdown menu and poof–your numbers are hidden!

Global Filter – now on the Dashboard

Take control of your view! Want to see just your winning trades or focus on a particular strategy? The global filter lets you customize the stats you see on the Dashboard based on specific trade criteria. Focus on what matters and gain deeper insights into your trading activity.

Control Mentor Access

No more worries about sharing all your trading data! Now you can choose exactly which accounts your Mentor has access to before inviting them.

Backtesting Gets Even Better

Favorite Chart Tools

Save time and streamline your workflow! Mark your most-used tools with a star for quick access during backtesting sessions.

Save Drawings & Indicators

No more starting from scratch! Your customizations stay saved for future backtesting sessions.

Performance Enhancements

Experience lightning-fast chart loading and smoother candle flow for an uninterrupted backtesting experience.

cTrader now Supported

We're excited to announce that cTrader is now officially supported on TradeZella! Now you can easily import your trades from cTrader using our convenient file upload method.

Head over to our Help Article for a step-by-step guide on importing your cTrader trades into TradeZella.

Coming soon: Direct Broker Sync for cTrader + dxtrade and Tradelocker integration.

We're always working to add more integrations. Let us know if there's a broker you'd like to see supported next!

See The Updates in Action!

Want to see these exciting new features in action? Check out our quick video walkthrough below:


We're confident these product updates help you trade smarter, faster, and with more control. As always, we're committed to continuously enhancing your TradeZella experience. Let us know what you think of these updates and feel free to share any suggestions you might have.

Happy trading,

The Tradezella Team

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