TradeZella Release Notes - July - August

Here's what we pushed out in TradeZella last July to August, including New Text Editor, Futured Trade Replay, Mobile Responsiveness, Economic Calendar & more!

September 8, 2023
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TradeZella Updates

We've been hard at work at TradeZella to bring you all these powerful new features, updates, and optimizations to make your journaling experience even better!


  • Notebook Updates
  • Replay for Futures (CME Group)
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Resource Center: Economic Calendar
  • Performance + Speed Optimization
  • Ability to archive accounts
  • Settings Tab Re-Design
  • Bug Fixes

Broker Updates

  • NEW: MotiveWave 

Read on to find out more about these updates:

📝 Do more in your Notebook

Create multiple custom templates

Eliminate repetitive tasks like rewriting your journal prompts each time you journal a trade! 

Save time and stay organized by creating a pre-made structure that you can reuse for different notes and folders.

You can create different templates to fit your needs, like templates for:

  • daily, weekly, or monthly performance review
  • different strategies
  • different types of trades or asset classes

and more!

Share your notes

Had a good trade and you want to share your notes? Or a bad trade and you need feedback?

Easily share your trade notes with other traders!

Clicking on ‘Share’ will let you generate a publicly shareable link that you can post or send.

You can also disable sharing at any time by clicking on ‘Stop Sharing’.

Bulk delete and bulk un-share your notes

No need to select every single note to delete or un-share them. 

Bulk Actions allow you to select all or several notes at once.

Get a quick idea of your trade

Previously, when you got to your Trade Notes, your notes only displayed the symbol as its header, which could get a little confusing over time as you accumulate more notes.

With this update, we also added your Net P&L as well as the date when the note was created.

No more sifting through each and every trade note trying to look for the right one!

🔄 Replay your Futures trades

If you trade stocks, forex, and options, you’ve probably been enjoying the Trade Replay feature for quite some time now.

But here’s an exciting update for Futures traders – Trade Replay for futures is now here!

Replay your trades from the CME group tick by tick, using multiple timeframes (1 min, 2 min, 3 min, 10 min, 15 min, hourly & more).

Simply go to the trade tracking page and click Replay OR click on Trade Replay on your sidebar, and select the trade you’d like to replay. Start the replay and see all your trade executions automatically plotted on the chart.

📲 Access TradeZella on your Mobile

TradeZella Goes Mobile! TradeZella is now available on your mobile device, so you can track your trades or journal wherever you are. Whether you're at the beach sipping cocktails in one hand, on the train, or in the office, you can easily access your favorite TradeZella features with just a few taps!

For now, only selected pages are available on mobile, including:

  1. Dashboard
  2. Daily Journal
  3. Trade Log
  4. Notebook
  5. Settings
  6. Add Trade (manual & sync)

However, we'll be rolling out the FULL mobile version in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for updates!

If you have any feedback on the mobile version, please let us know. We appreciate your help in making TradeZella the best it can be.

📰 Stay up-to-date on Economic News on the NEW Resource Center

We’re committed to being the best all-in-one Trading Journal and Analytics tool out here, which is why we’re SO thrilled to announce a whole new page on TradeZella – the Resource Center, your go-to for additional tools to help you trade better!

To jumpstart the release of the Resource Center, we brought you the Economic Calendar.

Never miss another market news

“Oh FOMC news was today?? That’s why… 🫠 ”

Eliminate the element of surprise by checking the Economic Calendar on TradeZella! See all the upcoming market news, announcements, and events that could affect the volatility of the market and potentially impact your trading decisions.

You can also scroll up see all past events and news and review if that might have affected any of your trades before, so you can take that into consideration for the future.

Filter to certain countries, or to only show high-impact news, and even add it to your own calendar to get alerted!

With TradeZella's Economic Calendar, you'll always be in the know. You’re welcome. 😉

🚀 Journal your trades at awesome speeds

Improved loading and import times

With the help of your valued feedback, our dedicated team is placing a greater focus on optimizing the platform. 

Awesome news especially for you all with loads of trades imported on TradeZella–we're continuously pushing speed and performance improvements to your Dashboards and Daily Journal pages! 

In addition to that, importing your trades will significantly be faster now with this update! 

Less waiting time, more journaling fun! 

🗃️ Archive any inactive accounts

Are you a hoarder of trading accounts? Archive inactive accounts today and make space for more without worrying about losing any data!

Once an account has been archived, you won’t be able to import any more trade data or make any changes, but you will still be able to see your data in ‘Read Only’ mode. This means you can still review and learn from all your past trades, stats, reports, etc. even for challenges that you’ve failed. 

To archive an account, simply go to your Settings > General > Accounts and click on the 3-dot icon next to the account you want to archive. Click on ‘Archive’ and you will be prompted to confirm the action. Please take note that this cannot be undone.

⚙️ Manage your account settings better

The redesigned structure sports a more inuitive and user-friendly design making it easier than ever to find what you're looking for, and help you manage your account settings more efficiently.

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Missing Ticks and Ticks per contract for future trades
  • Commissions support for MotiveWave broker
  • Zella Scale fix for forex trades

⚡ New Broker: MotiveWave

Welcoming more Futures traders in TradeZella! If you’re trading using MotiveWave, you can now say goodbye to keeping track of trades in a spreadsheet! It’s time to import your trades into TradeZella and track your trades better.

For this broker, you can get started by uploading a CSV file from your broker. Here’s how:

That’s it for now! We hope you enjoy these new features and improvements! As always, we welcome your feedback.

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