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You're invited to access Umar's Playbook, What is Playbook?, How to find your bread-and-butter setups...

September 30, 2022
3 minutes

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🚨Assemble Your CUSTOM Playbook w/ Umar

You're invited...

​February 23 at 5PM EST​

Attend this webinar if:

  • You don't know which of your setups are working for you
  • You want to streamline your process
  • You want to stop jumping from one strategy to another
  • You want to reduce emotion-driven decisions

That's me...πŸ˜…

You'll learn how to build a PlayBook and how to utilize this feature to extract more from your trading.πŸ’ͺ

Stick around until the end, because Umar will be sharing HIS personal playbook with all those who attend the webinar.

See you there! Sign up at the link below.

Show Me Umar's Playbook! πŸ‘€



Dear TradeZella,

What are my bread-and-butter setups?

If you've been trading for some time, you've seen changes to your setups since the beginning of your trading journey. πŸ“ˆ



Just started trading?

Well, the setups you know now are bound to be refined.

As we all continue to make strides in tweaking our strategies...

It's important to know which ones bringing in the most dough...

....and which ones are giving you the most trouble. πŸ™…β€β™€οΈ

Utilize your journal to figure out what the best plan is for you to move forward. πŸ“

Maybe your issue is that the trades don't ACTUALLY fit into your setup criteria. 😬

This can be a real problem for many traders. 🚨

πŸ’‘ If you're noticing that some of your plays don't fit into your playbook, tag the play as "No Setup". 🏷



Start to see a pattern?

Most of your trades are actually in the "No Setup" category? And that's where you're losing MOST of your capital?

Time to make a change. βœ…

Your trade distribution can also show you where you're doing great and where you're struggling. πŸ”Ž

Do you focus on your strengths? πŸ€”

Or do you build up your weaknesses? 🧐

πŸ’‘ We recommend starting with one and then working on the other.

Start with focusing on your strengths and once you feel more confident with those setups, start to look into your weaknesses.

Test and refine the weak setups using small size OR cut them out completely. 🧰

The choice is yours, but your journal helps you visualize and ultimately make that decision. 😎


What's on this week

More info on.... Playbook

What can you utilize to differentiate yourself from the millions of traders out there? πŸ€”

A well-defined edge. βœ…

What if there was a way to see within your journal EXACTLY what you define as...

  • an A+ setup
  • a high probability trade
  • your blueprint for particular strategy

Even more....

What if there was a way to see your friends' and mentors' A+ setups?

Learn what makes your strategies successful.

Learn what makes others successful. πŸ“ˆ

See the plays that you missed out on so you can know what to capitalize on for next time. πŸ“

Get together with your trading buddies and critique each others' strategies. πŸ€™

Playbook feature launching February 23.

Want to get Umar's Playbook?

He's sharing it here at our playbook launch next Thursday. βœ…


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