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Your Journaling Routine 101, *NEW* Playbook Feature, and YOUR Progress!

September 30, 2022

Dear TradeZella,

How can I stay consistent with journaling?

So you FINALLY started journaling. Or maybe you've BEEN journaling.

Maybe you've got your pen and paper. πŸ“

An excel spreadsheet.

Maybe you recap your plays on TradeZella. 😎



It's one thing to say you journal, but it's another to keep a consistent journaling routine. πŸ—“

Recapping your trades isn't just recording your entries and exits.

It's about truly understanding what happened, your psychology, and so much more. 🧠

Let's chat about ways that you can make journaling a consistent routine, so you don't fall behind.


1. Take LIVE Notes πŸ“

This occurs DURING the session.

You've got your pre-market plan already.

You're set to start the trading session. But, what happens when you hit buy or sell? πŸ€”

What's going through your head? What do you see? πŸ‘€


πŸ’‘ Take 15 seconds after you exit the trade to jot down a few bits of key info.



Entry: $400. Stop loss: $398. Profit Target: $405. Exit: $404.

Setup: ORB

  • Saw strength coming in on tape just below 400 level.
  • Entered too late. Exited early, should have held to profit target.


You know how the trade went down right after you took it.

A few notes that you can punch into your journal later during your trade recap time block saves you time and effort when you're recapping numerous trades for the day.


2. Lock in a consistent time ⏰

Think about when you'd like to recap your trades. πŸ€”

Do you feel better prepared...

  • Right after the trading session?
  • A few hours later, after you've cooled down?
  • Later that night?
  • The next morning before you create your pre-market plan?


Try out different times and pick one that you can stick with. πŸ”’


3. Calendar time! πŸ“†

As traders, many of us are visual people. πŸ‘

Play to your strengths and visualize time in your day to recap your trades.

Here are some ways to do this:

  • Create a time block in a calendar app such as Google Calendar
  • Add it to your to-do list
  • Set a reminder on your phone
  • Anyone still have an alarm clock? ⏰

Want to put some stakes on it?

Create conditions for yourself.


"I won't grab lunch until I've done my trade recap." πŸ”


4. Create a template in your trading journal πŸ“

This step makes it as EASY as possible to stick to your routine.

Save time. Save yourself from decision fatigue. πŸ₯±

Don't let yourself have a second to waste wondering what you should include in your recap.

Create a template to keep things consistent and complete.

For users of TradeZella, you can create a template that auto-populates each time you journal!

5. Schedule an End of Week Recap Time

You'll want to give yourself time to read through what you recapped.

When's a good time to look over your performance?

  • Friday after your trading session?
  • Saturday morning before the rooster crows?
  • Sunday night before the next trading session?

Make it a date for yourself.

Grab coffee, a snack, bump some study music.


This is your business

You're not here to goof around. You didn't pay this much tuition the markets to skate by. 🏝

You're the CEO. πŸ‘‘

Schedule meetings with yourself to check in on things like performance, operations, and even your emotional well-being. βœ…

If you're looking for a tool to get you in line with understanding your trading business's analytics, TradeZella is your key.

TradeZella, take me there.



What's new

PlayBook...Coming Soon


As traders, we have our bread-and-butter setups.

What if we could fully define those setups within our trading journal?

Create your playbooks, establish your entry rules, and get specific.

What's more is you can SHARE your playbook with your fellow traders.

This is great for folks who'd like accountability.

We can't wait for you all to see this feature come alive soon!

I'm down...



Members Highlight

Your Monthly Progress

Many of you have joined TradeZella for your particular reasons...

  • To get a glance at your trading statistics
  • To understand the depths of your mistakes
  • To analyze your strengths and weaknesses
  • To formulate a plan to improve your trading
  • To learn how to journal properly


Whatever your reason is, we know it stems from the underlying reason of why you're trading in the first place.

Maybe it's to give your family a better life, to achieve your dream lifestyle, to give back to others in need, or something else.

We at TradeZella are excited to be part of that journey.

We know how grueling and straining it can be.

In this issue, we're featuring some of you who have dedicated yourselves to the craft and taken a step towards serious trading.

Wherever you are in your journey, we're overjoyed to see how far you've come.

If you haven't read Jeremy's interview in last week's newsletter, be sure to check out our blog page to see how he learned trading while having a 9-5.

Great month, Jeremy!

Way to come back after a big down day, Walker! Your journal tells you everything.


Just a tad under 150K for the month. πŸ™Œ Phenomenal results, Hasan. Way to show traders the potential of this career.

Analysis can set you leagues ahead of last month. Amazing month! 2.8k is certainly something to be proud of.

Andre keeping it real with us! Way to understand where your mistakes lie and where you made money. Onto next month!

Steady equity curve, Tony! Glad you're liking TradeZella.

If these results leave you thinking....

"Hey, maybe I could do that..." or

"I wonder how much I could scale my trading if I was analyzing the right metrics..."

Look no further than TradeZella. Use the right tools and get yourself where you deserve to be.




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